Level measurement

A Brief Introduction To Level Measurement

Level measurement is the technique of measuring the holding capacity of a container or vessel. It helps to maintain the level of liquid or other materials in the containers. The method is beneficial when managing the amount of materials. 

You can get accurate measurements of the materials using the technique. It would help if you did so to avoid many mismanagements that may destroy your whole working process. Shallow levels can damage the container or vessel, while over-filing can cause over-flowing material. 

Level measurement is the best tactic that gives the exact height of the vertical distance between the container’s and material’s surfaces. It helps you by providing precise and reliable level measurements. 

Principles of level measurement 

The process happens based on multiple principles; you should learn them all. It will help you understand the instruments’ working phenomenon and inform you how much the containers hold the materials via their sensors. The basic principles on which the tools works are

  • The first principle of the technique is based on the pressure 
  • The following guide is based on the transition of time 
  • Divided into two main types ultrasonic based level measurement and radar-based level measurement 
  • Moreover, if the system does electronic measurement, then it will happen according to conductivity
  • The measure is also based on attenuation and radiation 
  • Lastly, the instrument also gives readings on capacitance-based measurement

What types of level measurement can you use?

Scientists and engineers are continuously introducing ways by which you can have accurate and reliable data about your materials. They invent different measuring devices to record levels of liquids and gases correctly. The instrument has two major types, further classified based on its functionality. 

1- Point level measurement

In this type of measurement, you can record media in the container when it reaches a specific level. With this measuring device, you will stay updated at every set point. 

Kinds of point level measurement 

  • Capavitanc type sensors 
  • Conductivity type sensors 
  • Optical type level sensor 
  • Tuning fork type level sensors 

Features of point level sensor 

  • Compatible with high temperature and high pressure 
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Simple and reliable tool 
  • It gives accurate and authentic measurements regarding the media present in the container. 
  • Suitable for multiple materials, predominantly liquid ones 
  • Stand out the flow behavior like turbulence and foaming
  • It does not move from its reference point 
  • Available at reasonable prices but considered to be the quality industrial equipment 

 2- Continuous level measurement 

The device changes its measurement for media at every rise or fall of the liquid. In this type of measurement, the media is present in the container from its ground level to the uppermost point. The technique can be used for both solids and liquids. 

Kinds of continuous level measurement 

  • Ultrasonic level sensor 
  • Radar type level sensor 
  • DP type level sensor 

Features of continuous level measurement 

  • More accurate than the point level measurement 
  • Easy to install and maintain 
  • You can remove it if it is needed 
  • It gives highly accurate results of the media in the container
  • Highly suitable for vacuum and high-pressure media 
  • Does not affected by the harsh environmental conditions
  • Cost-effective solution to get an exact measurement

What are the objectives of level measurement? 

The device has significant contributions in having accurate measurement values. If you are running an industry, you need to keep a record of materials in bulk. You can use this highly efficient tool for various reasons. 

  • To have a digital display of data and get an alarm when the set limits are reached 
  • It helps in increasing the process efficiency of the system 
  • To keep a record of stock 
  • It helps in accurately allocating the cost record 
  • You can access and optimize the plant’s efficiency 
  • To identify and tackle all the safety-related incidents 
  • To save time, money, and assets 
  • To have an easy-to-install level measuring apparatus 
  • Get an environmentally friendly system to get accurate level measurements 
  • It helps analysts and statisticians to plan the research and currents findings efficiently 

Usage areas of level measurement 

A level measurement is considered the most effective quality technique in different agriculture sectors. Industries with large silos and tanks use this technique to get the exact size of a container’s material. 

It helps check the material height in the container through particular measuring points mentioned on the tank. The technique is effective and accurately measures all the material in the container. 

This functional level measurement technique is used in various industries that need to store materials in bulk. These agricultural sectors must keep a record of materials throughout the process. 

1- The food and beverage sector 

Food and beverage is becoming the leading sector because of the high consumption of food resources. They must store their bulk materials in large containers and silos with level measuring points. The tactic helps them accurately record the material used or left. 

2- Marine and irrigation equipment 

These water sectors use massive amounts to deliver water to their crops. The level measurement system constantly checks marine industries’ water levels. Moreover, it also helps you stay informed on how much you have to use for your irrigation purpose. 

3- The mining sector 

The level measurement is also helpful in measuring the gas and liquid levels throughout the mining process. The technique uses a microwave beam and sends it to the surface. It will help the instrument correctly and have an exact level of measurement. 

4- Water and wastewater sector 

It is hard to keep a record of water with simple instruments. The level-measuring technique keeps you informed about every layer of water and wastewater. It is the most critical sector where the importance and use of level measurement devices are high. 

Why does level measurement important? 

Maintaining the accurate level of liquids, solids, or gas in a tank or vessel is crucial. Industries having materials in bulk need instruments that keep them updated with media content.

With the increasing process complexity, engineers continuously introduce methods that help perform various functions for a smooth process. These are 

1- Inventory 

The first thing for which you can use the technique is to keep a record of inventory, like what is entering the industry. It helps keep track of the materials’ volume and weight throughout the process. 

2- Process efficiency

When you have accurate level measurements, it will increase your process efficiency. You can run a smooth and consistent workflow by keeping a detailed record of materials. 

3- Safety 

It also helps in promoting the safety of the equipment. If you balance the level of the material, it may protect your equipment. The low level may destroy the holding container, while the high material level will make the container overflow, and it may cause different safety problems.  

4- Maintain accuracy 

The equipment is gaining popularity and becoming one of the critical things in the industry to maintain the accuracy and reliability of materials. It keeps you from getting confused while revising your industrial stock. 

5- Ensures higher profitability 

Another that supports the importance of level measurement is it offers a chance to get higher profit for their business. When the industry stays successful in maintaining its resources and preventing them from unnecessary wastage, the chances of increasing its income percentage will increase. 

Wrapping it up 

While working in an industry and running a large industrial sector, you need the best and top-quality equipment to maintain a record of materials and resources. Level measurement helps you get the exact size of the media in the containers.

Different level measuring devices are available that work on different working principles. All of them are highly beneficial and multi-featured. You can use this helpful instrument in other agricultural sectors, including the water and wastewater, marine, food and beverage, and mine industries from ICS Pakistan

These are highly important and needed for various quality functions. That’s the reason the technology is getting popular among the population.

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