Electromagnetic flow meter

Electromagnetic Flow Meter- Things You Need To Know

It often becomes difficult to keep an accurate record of the media you are handling, especially liquid media. From the beginning, science didn’t stop and continuously worked for the betterment of life. 

With time, the need for reliable and accurate measuring instruments becomes high. These devices are beneficial at the industrial level. 

The electromagnetic flow meter is well-known among the range of high-tech measuring devices. 

What Are Electromagnetic Flow Meters? 

Working in an industry is more challenging and smooth; you have to keep an accurate record of the liquid media in the industry. For this, you must require an efficient measuring device. 

The electromagnetic flow meter is an efficient and reliable measuring device that measures the velocity of liquids like water, slurries, and acids in tubes or flowing pipes.

The flow meter works best and gives a highly accurate reading when the electrical conductivity of the liquid media exceeds the average.  

Based on the principles of Faraday’s law, the EMF meters measure the voltage and give the output of their processing. The key components of the device that work simultaneously are. 

  • Transmitters 
  • Electrodes 
  • Flow tubes 
  • Fluid flowing pipes 

Electromagnetic Flow Meters Working Principle 

The working of the EMF meter depends on the principle of Faraday’s law. Although the meter’s working is not so easy, a little understanding of this meter helps you understand its world better. 

The flow meter, also known as the magnetic flow meter and measures the rate of conductive fluids. The electromagnetic flow meter principle is summarized below for better understanding. 

Flow tube– The flow meter has flow tubes lined with conductive fluid on the inner side. It is the path from where the fluid of any kind passes. 

Magnetic field– Two excitation coils are attached at the opposite side of the flow tube. The coil is energized with the current, and this electrical conductivity spreads throughout the cross-sectional area of the pipes.

Electrodes– The electrodes in the flowing tubes act as the sensing elements. These electrodes are oppositely placed on the inner side of the tube. 

The electrodes measure the magnetic field when fluid flows through these tubes. 

Transmitter– It works by sending an electrical signal when liquid passes through the tube and using the information to check the flow rate of the fluid. 

Measurement of voltage– As the fluid flows through the tubes, it is essential to measure its voltage. The electrodes measure the voltage and send it to the transmitter, which converts it into the proportional flow rate. 

Display of results– Lastly, it comes to display the results for the liquid flow rate. There is a digital device or analog indicator where the device displays the flow rate of the fluid. 

Features of the Electromagnetic Current Meter

Every instrument based built on some quality features. These features allow the users to choose th right and accurate device for their industrial purposes. 

  • The best part of every measuring instrument is its accurate measurement; the EMF meters allow you to get reliable and error-free fluid measurements.
  • This device has a clear and easy-to-read LCD, which makes it convenient for the renderer to get the reading. 
  • The meter measures the volumetric flow accurately and precisely. 
  • The device is compatible with various locations; you can use it in industries, homes, labs, and wherever you want to measure the conductive fluid. 
  • With its easy-to-install feature, the device is suitable to use by a huge population. 
  • It is easy to maintain and allows you to get instant flow rate results of your measured liquid.
  • Highly suitable to measure the clean or dirty water flowing in tubes of minimal diameters ranging from micro to millimeters using Water flow meter

Application of the Electromagnetic Flow Meter 

There are many usage areas where the use of EMF devices is necessary. In these sectors, the demand for the instrument is high. Some of the usage areas of the tools are 

  • Water and wastewater treatment plants 
  • Chemical processing industry 
  • Food and beverages industry 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Power generation plants 
  • Mineral processing industry 
  • Wood, paper, and pulp industry 
  • For mining purposes 

Advantages of the EMF Meter 

The list of EMF meter perks is mentioned to help you learn more about this quality instrument. The significant advantages are. 

1- Accuracy 

The instrument has no moving, so there are no chances of wearing or breaking. It is also unaffected by environmental pressure and temperature, thus giving highly accurate readings. 

2- Wide range of pipe size 

The EMF meters are not limited to the pipe sizes. It can be used in small and large pipes, making the installation more flexible.

3- Bi-directional flow measurement 

The device is suitable for measuring the bi-directional flow. The electromagnetic flow meter is best for systems where the liquid flows in both directions, like distribution systems. 

4- Low-pressure loss 

The meter does not have low-pressure head loss rather than the length of pipe the meter has occupied. 

The obstruction of heavy suspension, including sewage, mud, and wood pulp, does not affect the flow pressure. 

5- Corrosion resistant 

The instrument is best for measuring the flow rate of acids, basis, and aqueous solutions. It is best because of its good electrical conductivity, and it also helps resist the corrosion of the media. 

Disadvantages of the EMF Meter 

Apart from its positive sides, every technical instrument has some downsides if not handled properly. Some of the negative points of the tools are 

1- Power consumption 

The instruments work when some power source gives energy to it. Although the device utilizes less power, you must arrange an energy source to properly and efficiently use the tool. 

2- Pipe material limitations 

However, the device does not cause any obstruction while measuring the liquid flow rate. But materials like rubber-lined or plastic may affect the electric field and reduce the flow rate accuracy. 

3- Expensive device 

The EMF is expensive compared to the other measuring devices. It is because you have to spend additional money on buying its meter, installation process, and further piping modifications and electrical connections. 

4- Repair and maintenance 

Another drawback of the device is you have to maintain it properly. For this, cleaning it regularly and changing its damaged parts is essential if you find any defect and the process proves costly. 

5- Measure only specified materials 

The magnetic flow meter principle only measures the liquid having some electrical conductivity. If the fluid has no electrical conductivity, then the meter will be unable to measure the flow rate of that liquid. 

ICS- The Best Instrument Spot

ICS, the instrumentation Control System in Pakistan, has made huge progress in the instrumentation world by introducing the electromagnetic flow meter. 

With the development of the EMF meters, the large industrial sectors become hassle-free from keeping a consistent yes on the liquid flow. 

With this beneficial innovation, they can accurately measure the fluids in bulk amounts apart from the small ones. 

The company has made it possible to measure fluids with good electrical conductivity from large to small-diameter pipes. 

We are always in the queue to help you out with how to get, install, use, and maintain this quality innovation without making strenuous efforts. 

Our low-cost but high-quality instruments make your daily tasks smooth and resilient and enable you to keep an accurate and consistent record of fluid flow rate. 


Electromagnetic flow meter has made their way into industrial and commercial sectors by accurately measuring liquid flow rates. 

You can use the EMF meter to measure the fluids with good electrical conductivity, as it gives error-free and reliable results. 

Industries like water and wastewater treatments chemical, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and mineral processing are relying on this useful tool to get error-free results. 

If you want the right and high-quality measuring instrument by keeping your budget low, ICS helps you find and get the best one for your measuring purposes.

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