Gate Valve


  • Shut off fluid flow completely
  • Complete flow control in pipelines
  • Designed for closed or open positions
  • Key components: valve body, seat, disc, etc
  • Two types: parallel and wedge-shaped
  • Popular wedge-shaped: knife gate valve

A gate valve is a perfect choice when you need to completely shut off fluid flow or allow for full flow in a pipeline. Valves are designed to be used in closed or open positions, making them highly versatile and functional in various settings. 

The gate valve comprises several key components, including a valve body, seat and disc, gland, spindle, and a wheel for operating the valve.

There are two main types of gate valves: parallel and wedge-shaped. The parallel valves feature a flat gate between two similar seats, while the wedge-shaped valves have a tapered gate, with one seat being wider than the other.

One popular type of wedge-shaped valve is the knife gate valve, which is characterized by a sharp edge on the bottom of the gate.

Whether you require a valve for industrial or commercial use, a valve is a reliable and efficient choice. Its simple yet effective design ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance.

Features of Gate Valves

This valve can be easily operated with a wheel, making it user-friendly and convenient.

This is made of durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The valve body, seat and disc, gland, spindle, and wheel are all critical components that work together to provide a tight seal and prevent leakage.

It is available in two main types: parallel and wedge-shaped, each with specific advantages.

The knife stop valve is a popular type of wedge-shaped valve known for its sharp edge on the bottom of the gate, which makes it suitable for cutting and slicing applications.

It is suitable for industrial or commercial use and provides reliable and efficient fluid flow control.

Where to Buy Gate Valve

Instrumentation Control System PK is a reliable supplier of gate valves. They offer a wide range of gate valves for industrial and commercial use.

They have a team of experts that can help you choose the suitable valve for your specific application and provide guidance on installation and maintenance. You can visit their website or contact them directly to place an order or get more information about their products.

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