IP/EP Transducer

  • Converts electrical to pneumatic signals
  • Versatile device for automation
  • Two main types: I/P and P/I
  • Used in manufacturing, process control, robotics
  • Accurate and reliable in harsh environments

Our IP/EP Transducer is designed for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases in industrial systems. It is compatible with IP (Intrinsic Safety) and EP (Explosion Protection) environments, making it suitable for use in hazardous areas.

The transducer features a robust stainless steel construction and is available in various pressure ranges, making it ideal for various applications. It is also highly accurate and has a fast response time, providing real-time pressure readings.

The device is easy to install and provides a detailed user manual for convenience. With its high-quality construction and advanced features, this IP/EP transducer is the perfect solution for your industrial pressure measurement needs.

Order yours today and experience the benefits of accurate and reliable pressure measurement in a safe and secure environment.

Features for IP/EP Transducer

  • A versatile device for automation and control systems allows for seamless communication between electrical and pneumatic components and devices.
  • It can convert an electrical signal into a pneumatic (air pressure) signal or vice versa, making it an essential tool in various industries.
  • The device can be classified into two main types: current-to-pressure (I/P) transducers and pressure-to-current (P/I) transducers, which are used in various applications such as manufacturing, process control, and robotics.
  • The IP/EP Transducer provides accurate and reliable results even in harsh environments.
  • Installation and maintenance are easy, making it a popular industrial and commercial solution.
  • It is a cost-effective solution that can enhance the performance of automation and control systems.

Where to Buy IP/EP Transducer

IP/EP Transducer can be purchased from Instrumentation Control System. This company provides automation and control systems for various industries and offers a wide range of products, including the IP/EP Transducer.