Flow Meters

Flow meters are essential for measuring the flow of liquids and gasses in various industrial applications. There’s a flow meter for every fluid out there, from natural gas to hot water and diesel to oil.

Take the Natural Gas Flow Meter Turbine, for example. This bad boy is designed explicitly for the rough-and-tumble world of natural gas pipelines. It uses a turbine to measure gas flow, and it’s built tough to withstand harsh gas industry conditions.

But maybe you’re looking for something more precise, like a Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter. This puppy uses ultrasonic waves to measure liquid flow with pinpoint accuracy. And if you’re looking for even more precise measurements, the Mass/Coriolis Flow Meter is the way to go. This flow meter uses physics principles to accurately measure the flow of liquids and gasses.

So a flow meter is perfect whether you’re dealing with hot water, natural gas, diesel, or oil. And with options like the Thermal Mass Flow Meter, the Vortex Steam Flow Meter, and the Electromagnetic Flow Meter, you can find just what you need to get the job done.

Products in Flow Meter Category 

  • Natural Gas Turbine Flow Meter
  • Hot Water Turbine Flow Meter
  • Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Mass / Coriolis Flow Meter
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter
  • Multivariable Orifice Type NG Flow Meter
  • Orifice Type Flow Meter
  • Diesel Flow Meter
  • Rota Meter
  • Vortex Steam Flow Meter
  • Electro Magnetic Flow Meter